Drink_DriveFor those of us that drink occasionally, myself included, if we have a really honest conversation about drinking and driving the truth of the matter is most of us have done it at some point. As PikFly gets out into the public at festivals and farmer’s markets, we have had quite a few eye opening conversations about our alcohol delivery service for the Phoenix metro area. The typical story goes something like this.

Friends are sitting around enjoying food, company and a bit of alcohol. The alcohol runs out and a conversation ensues about who is sober “enough” to go to the liquor store. One person had two, she had three and he had five, and ultimately the person who drank the least runs to the store. For one unfortunate customer, she had two drinks and made the two mile drive to the liquor store. She was pulled over on the drive back where she literally could see her backyard and now has a DUI on her record. By her estimate, the cost of the DUI was somewhere around $6,000+.

Another customer who used our service told me the perfect statement that summarizes the value PikFly brings to any community we serve. He said “Mike, I can pay to use your service 400 times and it will still cost me less than a DUI.” We just can’t say it better than that.

The truth of the matter is it could be much worse and every day of the year drinking and driving tears families apart and it doesn’t have to happen. Please don’t drink and drive because in today’s world you have all the options you need from Uber to drive you home to PikFly for home delivery.