Online liquor delivery stores have made it easy for beer drinkers to enjoy their favorite beer.  These usually run in the most popular brands like Bud Light, Budweiser, Heineken, Corona, and Coors Light, but sometimes go off the beaten beer track.  No matter what beer you’re in the mood for, a promptly delivered brew that comes to their homes or even to hotel rooms (in less than an hour) is always a good idea.

But true beer connoisseurs will, once in awhile, appreciate a rare but tasty beer – especially one that’s a gem of a find. After all, sophisticated beer drinkers understand that they should not live on the taste of their beer alone but also on the thrill of the find. So, without further delay, here are 15 very tasty beers you’ve likely never heard of:

1. Resurgam

This beer, produced by the Allagash Brewing Company in Maine, is a rare barrel-aged beer that some beer experts consider the best gueuze made in America. Taste: woody, tart, slightly bitter.

2. Even Keel

This pale ale brewed by Ballast Point, a brewery in San Diego California, is described as one of the finest American IPAs around. Taste: herbal, fruity, bitter hops but leaves a sweet aftertaste.

3. Piercing Pils

A Czech-style pilsner from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware, pear tea and pear juice are added during the brewing process, which makes for a refreshing beer that’s great for sipping. Taste: clean, smooth, light-bodied.

4. Peanut Butter Milk Stout (umm, yes please!)

A sweet stout produced by Belching Beaver Brewery in Vista, California. Peanut Butter Milk Stout has the aroma of toasted peanuts and is made with rolled oats and milk sugar. Taste: luscious, slightly bitter with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.

5. Kermesse Pumpkin Saison

Kermessee Pumpkin Saison is a farmhouse ale brewed by Quest Brewing Co. in Greenville, South Carolina. It is available during the fall, a great time to enjoy a perfectly spiced pumpkin saison beer. Taste: lightly sweet, earthy, yeasty, meaty pumpkin flavor.

6. El Hefe Speaks

A Hefeweizen-style beer produced by DC Brau Brewing Co., you can expect a traditionally tasting German brew while enjoying its local roots. This refreshing beer is perfect for the muggy summers in the District of Columbia. Taste: spicy, slightly buttery, with some initial banana flavors.

7. Manifesto

If you enjoy white ales or Witbiers, Eagle Rock Brewery’s Manifesto is for you. Brewed in Los Angeles California, this is a beer that can be enjoyed year-round. Taste: light and malty with distinct citrus flavors; some wheat tones.

8. Leaf Blower Whole Leaf Amber

An American amber ale produced by Green Man Brewery in North Carolina. This copper- colored ale is available between summer and fall. Taste: clean caramel taste, with some mild toasted malt notes.

9. Thirsty Dog Wulver

If you love Scotch ales, you’ll enjoy Akron, Ohio’s Thirsty Dog Wulver. This Wee Heavy ale from the Thirsty Dog Brewing Company is the brewery’s highly acclaimed bourbon barrel beer. Taste: boozy, solid caramel malt, medium-bodied, and distinctly bourbon.

10. Ninja Porter

An American porter available year-round produced by North Carolina’s Asheville Brewing Company. If you enjoy a good chocolatey beer, Ninja Porter is a great choice. Taste: light milk chocolate and creamy finish, with hints of caramel and vanilla.

11. Kill All the Golfers

Have you always wanted to taste a mead? Kill All the Golfers by Michigan’s B. Nektar Meadery is a must-try. Commercial description: "Dry hopped" black tea with honey and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Taste: earthy, lemony, with a dominant honey flavor and hints of black tea.

12. Conduplico Immundus Monachus

An imperial porter brewed by the Thomas Creek Brewery in South Carolina, Conduplico Immundus Monachus is a tasty mouthful—both literally and figuratively. This Belgian strong dark ale is under the brewery’s “atypical” selection and has good carbonation. Taste: coffee – flavored, with hints of chocolate and caramel and with woody and earthy notes.

13. Dugana

Dugana, from Boulder Colorado, is Avery Brewing Company’s critically acclaimed Imperial IPA. Described as a “unity of bitterness, hop flavor and aroma,” Dugana pours a clear copper with minimal white head. Taste: Some hints of light pine and light citrus, medium hop bitterness—an overall tasty beer with a clean, fairly dry finish.

14. Hopportunity Knocks

Looking for an even-bodied India Pale Ale with a perfumy hop profile? This American IPA, brewed by Portland, Oregon’s Caldera Brewing Company, knocks it out of the ballpark. As they say, “When Hopportunity Knocks, answer it.” Taste: citrusy, malty, light-bodied with a nice hoppy finish.

15.Pepe Nero

Pepe Nero is brewed by the Goose Island Beer Co. from Illinois and is a farmhouse ale “with an aroma of roast chestnuts and a mysteriously dark, mahogany hue.” Taste: roasty sweet, with a lingering earthy, black pepper finish.

You’ve got the 15 now so it’s time to plan your summer roadtrip… with 15 preset destinations, ofcourse!

We’re sure there are many more beer to add to our list of 15 Very Tasty Beers You’ve Never Heard Of so… tell us about them in the comment section below!