In the past few years, thanks to the Internet, everything and everyone has shifted online – including consumers! Naturally, eCommerce businesses thrived, and with the explosion of the mobile industry and great eCommerce software (that has made it a cinch to put up online stores), it has become easier and more convenient to buy and sell products online.

But how does liquor delivery play into all of this eCommerce madness? It was just a matter of time before online liquor delivery stores cashed in on the eCommerce trend, and that time has arrived.  Welcome to the new age of liquor delivery! Let’s party!

Here are 5 ways liquor delivery might just change the way you have a good time:

1. House Parties Might Just Make a Comeback

Studies have found that millennials throw fewer house parties, when compared to the Gen X kids that came before them. The main reason for the drop might just be the technological innovations in the past few years. With the Internet, mobile phones and tablets, Netflix, social media, and text messaging, millennials have more entertainment options than ever before. Now there are more ways to connect with friends without the need to be with them physically.

But the same technological innovations that have kept Gen Y from throwing house parties might just change their minds—and change the way they drink. With online liquor delivery, ordering bottles of your favorite wine, hard liquor, or beer is just a few clicks away. The ease by which you can have your booze delivered is only rivaled by the ease by which you can invite your friends over at your place for that long-overdue house party.

2. Happy Hour Might Just Become Obsolete

The days of hurrying to your favorite bar after work to catch Happy Hour so you can save on the price of drinks might just become a thing of the past. With online liquor-delivery stores, you actually save on the price of your drinks because these stores often don’t markup the prices on their products. What you pay in any liquor store or supermarket will be the same price as what you pay for when order online.

3. Bad Weather Won’t Be a Hindrance Anymore for Getting That Drink

It comes as no surprise that in the wettest states or cities in the United States, young people find it unappealing to go out clubbing or hang out in bars during bad weather. The same goes for the winter season when snow and the biting cold would discourage anyone to go to bars or clubs. With online liquor delivery, the cold season or bad weather won’t be an excuse for you not to enjoy your favorite drink.

4. Business Travelers Won’t Need to Leave Their Hotel Rooms

A study of 1,000 business travelers found that 27 percent of them (33 percent of men, 24 percent of women) admitted to drinking while out of town on business. But business travelers who are too tired but want to unwind after a long day at work don’t really find it appealing to go out for a drink, or even go down to the hotel’s bar for Happy Hour. They would instead prefer to stay in their hotel rooms and relax while watching TV with a drink in hand. Good thing there’s a convenient solution aside from the hotel room’s minibar that offers a limited and expensive selection: ordering liquor online and having it delivered to the hotel. In fact, this is already happening. Aside from liquor deliveries going to homes, many online liquor delivery orders currently go to hotel rooms, as well.

5. DUI Might Just Become a Thing of the Past

Okay maybe this is wishful thinking, but while driving under the influence might not go away entirely, it’s possible that there would be a drastic drop in DUI cases. Most incidents of DUI result from drunk people driving home from the bar or intoxicated party hosts driving to the liquor store after running out of booze. It’s easy to say before that first drink that you’ll stay under the legal limit, but after you’ve had a couple of bottles or shots, that kind of rational thinking goes out the door. With online liquor delivery, you can stay home safely while enjoying your drink. You won’t have to worry about getting booked for a DUI while driving home from the bar or making a quick liquor run to the convenience store.


Online liquor delivery is changing the way people buy, and it’s natural to expect that it will eventually shift the way people drink. While the online liquor-delivery industry is still in its relative infancy – right now less than 1% of alcohol sales happen on the Internet – expect this to change in the next few years. This business model might just pave the way for a move toward 10% of alcohol sales to happen on both desktop and mobile in a few years.

Have you always dreamed of an online liquor delivery service? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below!