Like beer? Like to laugh? Here’s some of the best beer ads on the web.

What could be better than drinking your favorite beer in the cozy confines of your own living room… after ordering from an online liquor-delivery store? We’ll tell you: drinking your favorite beer (that was just delivered) while watching ten of the coolest and funniest beer ads on the Web.

We’ll even provide them for you, so you only have exert the minimum amount of effort.

Here are ten of the coolest beer ads on the web, just for you:

1. Guinness

They say that good things come to those who wait. The same can be said for great beer, as this funny, epic, and brilliantly made Guinness ad shows. And we have to say: we understand you, Mr. Mudskipper. A few million years’ wait for that smooth, creamy, malty Guinness Irish stout is well worth it.

2. Stella Artois

For many beer drinkers, Stella Artois is a thing of beauty: the quintessential Euro pale lager with a full flavor and clean, crisp taste. his particular beer ad fully captures Stella’s fun and stylish aura. But if you still need to be reminded what the premiere commercial Belgian beer is, allow us to spell it out for you: the name’s Stella. Stella Artois.

3. Dos Equis

Dos Equis’“Most Interesting Man in the World” has spawned the popular Internet meme, and for good reason—the Mexican beer brand’s ads are really some of the Most Interesting Ads in the World. Not only that, the campaign is considered one of the most successful ad campaigns ever, with sales of Dos Equis at its peak reported to have increased to 22 percent at a time when sales of other imported beers dropped 4 percent in the United States.

4. Red Stripe

One of the best ten-second ads around, one of the funniest beer ads on the web, and the most sensible advice ever: “If you wanna look beautiful, hang around with a short ugly bottle.” ’Nuff said.

P.S.: Red Stripe Jamaican-style beer might be packaged in a short ugly bottle, but it is never short on taste—sweet, soft, with a hint of lemon, and with just the right bitterness.

5. Bud Light

If you ask us, this beer ad is f–k-ng hilarious. But that’s just us. OK, fine, we’ll wash our mouths out with soap. Wait, we have a better idea—how about taking a swig of an ice-cold Bud Light instead?

6. Heineken

Different things make different people happy. Some people dig books, some love fast cars, while others scream at the sight of expensive shoes and clothes. Us? We act like giddy children in front of sweaty bottles of Heineken beer. Who doesn’t?

7.  Coors Light

Any ad featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme is bound to be awesome. So what do you call a Coors Light ad with Van Damme on it, drinking beer, and dancing inside an ice bar? Super awesome.

8. Miller

This Miller ad of a guy biking downhill while on a beer run looks genuinely cool, and it couldn’t have been genuinely easy to make. But you know one thing that’s really, genuinely easy? Ditching your trusty bike and ordering that six pack from an online liquor-delivery store. Your beer will arrive, ice-cold, in less than an hour. Yup, we know—genuinely cool.

9, Tecate

Do you drink to peace, or to truth? That is the question. Yes, a beer ad con caracter courtesy of Tecate.


Foster’s Beer is known for its funny beer commercials, and this one is from their “How to Speak Australian” ad campaign. Short, sweet, funny, and kick-ass.

Ok, so ready for some ice-cold beer delivered to your door in about an hour? can get that for you.